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The Golden VISA offers you the possibility to invest with high profitability and, in addition, to obtain a residence permit in Spain. This residency does NOT require residency in Spain to keep it, however, if you do need to reside in Spain, this permit allows you and your dependants to work and reside in Spain. Travelling around Europe with this Spanish permit or having your children study in Spain is now a reality. It also allows, once you have completed a certain period of residence, access to Spanish Nationality. Visit the Spanish Nationality section to check the requirements or contact us.

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Processing of the Golden Visa

Law 14/2013 of September 27 introduces into our legislation an incentive that already existed in many other countries, including those around us (Portugal, Germany and France, among others), and which aims to encourage foreign investment in Spain through the attraction of residency in our country. It also makes it possible to process, at the same time or at a later date, a residence permit for the investor’s family members. Likewise, as a single permit, it offers the possibility of working in Spain without the need to apply for a different permit. Contact us if you are planning to make an investment in Spain and we will inform you of the possibilities.

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We collaborate with specialist firms in international taxation and property search. We can offer a complete service to anyone who wants to invest in Spain.

Residence authorisation for investors

Types of authorisations


  • 2 Million in Public Debt
    > Certificate of Entities or Bank of Spain
  • 1 Million in Shares/Shareholdings
    -Unlisted Shares > Declaration of the Investment in the Foreign Investments Register-Listed Shares > Certificate Financial Intermediary
  • 1 Million in Investment Funds
    > Management Company
    Certificate-Private Equity
    > Management Company Certificate
  • 1 Million in Bank Deposits> Certificate Financial Institution

Real Estate

  • 500.000 in Real Estate > Excluding taxes > No encumbrances > Property certificate and title deed required, or deposit contract in its absence.

Business Project

  • Characteristics > No minimum amount > Creation of jobs, socio-economic impact and contribution to innovation. > Favourable report from DGCOMINV

General requirements

  • Criminal record certificate
  • Private medical insurance
  • Passport
  • Proof of financial means
  • COMPANIES: DGCOMINV report is required.
    -No tax haven
    -51% of the investor’s shares
  • Visa: 1 year
  • Residence: 2 years
  • Renewal: 5 years
  • Single permit: can work
  • With or Without Visa

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