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International mobility consultancy services

APM GLOBAL is a recently created firm with extensive experience in the field of International Mobility.

We believe that less is more, which is why we focus on a small number of clients to whom we offer the highest quality service. We were born out of an understanding of the need for personalised and close treatment, offering each case the follow-up, attention and study it requires. APM GLOBAL’s objective is quality, not quantity.

Extensive experience

Our great advantage is our ability to adapt to you, so we can establish another protocol with your company if necessary. Thanks to our work with multinational companies and SMEs, we have experience in different work plans.

International Mobility Consultancy Services


Professional Career

Aída Aparicio created and manages this law firm, applying the knowledge acquired during the 3 years of practising law and the 9 subsequent years dedicated exclusively to the International Mobility of workers, especially Corporate Immigration.

During these years we have worked with multinational companies from different sectors (consultancy, energy, new technologies, etc.) and with SMEs, as well as providing services to other law firms that do not have their own department dedicated to this speciality.

We are also experts in Residency Processing for investors and their families, the so-called Golden VISA, working with people from countries such as Russia, Mexico, India, etc.

Having managed for 9 years the department of Legal Advice and Processing of Work and Residence Authorisations in other companies, we have learned from our mistakes and successes and, now, we are ready for you.


Satisfied customers


Years of experience


Countries covered

How we work

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Gathering information to develop the strategy

This is the most important part. You have to establish a strategy that fits the needs of the company and the worker and meets the legal requirements. Success is based on planning and strategy.

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Getting to know the case in depth

In order to establish this strategy, a personalised contact with the client is necessary. It is the client who has to explain the needs and characteristics of the case, and from there, we apply our knowledge to achieve their objectives.

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Continuity in the process

The follow-up of the case is also important. We must not let the file get “stuck”, respond to the requirements with agility and help the client in the process.

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No waiting and no unnecessary paperwork

Obtaining the TIE, or Foreigner Identification Card, is the last but not the least important part. Without the TIE, the work authorisation may be invalidated. We take care of helping the client in this last step.


Specialised and customised services

As a small company, we are prepared to give you the personalised service you need, because our aim is not to be big, but to be better.

You can fill in the following form and a member of our team will contact you shortly to answer all your questions.

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