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In this space, through the different categories in which we have segmented it, we want to talk about the current situation in the world of Foreign Law. That parcel of law so unknown and so "hated" ... And you may ask: "Hated, why?".

Well that´s what I´m asking myself, who has been working in this for 10 years. To meet people with great stories behind, to make dreams come true, to help companies start their projects and the workers to look forward to a new life in a new country.

Because this work not only gives money, which in the end is the reason we all work for, this job enriches you as a person, traveling without moving, because each story is unique and each customer is the most important.

When an expatriate person comes to Spain with his wife and children of 1 and 3 years old, the first time you talk to him you can see the worry, the uncertainty in his voice. The company wants the worker to be centered. After a telephone conversation with us, he knows exactly what is going to happen, how it will happen and when it will happen. He feels more relaxed, and thankfull we took the time to explain the process and resolve his/her doubts. When he comes to Spain, we talk about the country, the possibilities, the great schools, the places to go, the activities that the partner can do... His face lights up. It is not all black anymore, and Spain is becoming a future for them, not a job obligation. That is the prize and motivation of this work: the satisfaction of our customers.

The tranquility of the worker is capital but the HR team of your company is no less. What great moments I´ve spent drinking coffee with my HR friends from some of my client companies! In APM Global we have implemented a work method consisting of imparting a Master Class of Foreigners Law to HR teams, proving after 10 years in this work that they work better, faster and more secure when they know what they do, why they do it and when they have to do it. In the end, they are experts in foreign law as well! Of course, every magician keeps tricks in the top hat;)

In each category we will talk about news in our field and discuss issues of interest to our readers.

I hope to hear your story soon!


Aída Aparicio




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