International Mobility Consulting Services

APM GLOBAL is an office recently created but with extensive experience in the field of International Mobility. As a small company, we are prepared to give you the personalized service you need, because our goal is not to be big, but to be the best.

We think that less is more, so we focus on a reduced number of customers to whom we offer the highest quality of service. We were born as a result of understanding the need for a personalized and close treatment service, offering each case the follow-up, care and study required. The goal of APM GLOBAL is quality, not quantity.

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Aída Aparicio founded and directs this company, applying the knowledge acquired during the 3 years of law practice and the 9 years thereafter dedicated exclusively to the International Mobility of assignees, specializing in Corporate Immigration.

During these years we have worked with multinational companies from different sectors (consultancy, energy, new technologies, etc.) and with PYMES (smaller companies), as well as serving other law firms that lacked a dedicated department to this speciality.

We are also specialists in Processing of Residence for Investors and their families, the so-called Golden VISA, working with people from countries like Russia, Mexico, India, etc.

Having worked for 9 years for other companies, in the Department of Legal Advice and Processing of Work and Residence Authorizations, we have learned from their successes and also their mistakes so we are now prepared and ready for you.


How we work - Finding


The first step is to find the work permit that fits the needs of your company and to establish the strategy, resolving any questions that may arise.

How we work - Personal Contact


In order to make things easier for your HR Department, a call is made with the assignee to explain the process and request the necessary documentation.

How we work - Tracing


We inform of all the steps to the assignee and we follow up the updates of their file on regular basis.

How we work - Ending


Once the authorization has been granted and the assignee arrives to the country, we process the Alien Identity Card, avoiding unnecessary waiting and processing of the assignee and the company.

Our great advantage is the ability to adapt to you, we can customize our processes to your company needs. Having experience on working together with multinational companies and PYMEs (smaller companies) we have the knowledge of working in different work processes.